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TOMAŽ POPIT, sports physiotherapist, Slovenia

I worked as a physiotherapist with the Slovenian Men's Alpine ski team for many years. When I joined the team, back pain was one of the biggest problems skiers had. Kosmodisk seemed a perfect solution: completely undetectable, portable, simple, and usable on trainings and also afterwards.

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What do experts think about it?

KOSMODISK® is a clinically tested device, designed by experts to relieve or remedy pain in the spine and back area. Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain.

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Experiences in the reflex therapy

Experiences in the reflex therapy of backache – functional and structural theory while using the Kosmodisk (dr. Maciek, Czech Republic, 2006).

The study demonstrates that in the case of correct indication of the reflex methods in functional disorders and their appropriate application (also in case of the Kosmodisk), 80% cases of painful symptoms was improved, and in 51% the effect is important.

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Clinical study with use of thermo-maps

Clinical study with use of thermo-maps (Hungary, 2006)

Bus Drivers with back pain caused by deteriorating factors such as lack of movement, stress-effect and body vibration. These patients were wearing the Kosmodisk regularly for one month, using it for a minimum of three hours a day.

The thermo images shows the massaging effect of the Kosmodisk, as the tissues got warmer (this is shown by the yellowish, reddish colour), the source of the pain was reduced, the degree of the aches and pains had also diminished.

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The therapeutic application of Kosmodisk

The therapeutic application of Kosmodisk in physiatrics (Prof. Dr. Olga Popović Mladenović, Institute of Rehabilitation, Belgrade, 1992)

The results of this clinical study show positive effects in 83% of cases and show no negative effects, no allergic reactions were recorded in of the subjects.

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The effects of the Kosmodisk

The effects of the Kosmodisk in subjective and clinically objective findings on a random group of patients (Michael C. Hagan, Village Professional Healthcare, Inc.)

The medical conditions of the patients in this study were of a chronic nature.

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