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Back care exercises

The lower back exercise program is a series of stretching and strengthening exercises that improve the flexibility of your trunk musculatures essential for your lower back care. Perform each exercise at a slow pace at least once a day, everyday. If you experience any discomfort, slow the pace down or decrease the number of repetitions. Should pain persist, discontinue exercises and contact your doctor immediately.

Pelvic tilt

Starting position: Lie on your back on a firm surface. Your feet should be flat on the surface and the knees are bent.

pelvic tilt start

Action: Push the small of your back into the floor by pulling the lower abdominal muscles up and in. Hold your back flat while breathing easily in and out. Hold for five seconds. Do not hold breath. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

pelvic tilt action


Starting position: Lie on your back on a firm surface.

kne to chest start

Action: Clasp your hands behind the thigh and pull it towards your chest keeping the opposite leg maintain this position for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat 5 times.

knee to chest action

Hip Rolling

Starting position: Lie on your back on a firm surface with both knees bent and feet flat.

hip rolling start

Action: Cross your arms over your chest. Turn your head to the right dropping both knees to the left. Allow your knees to relax and go as far as they can without forcing. Bring knees back up, head to center. Reverse directions. Repeat 2-5 times.

hip rolling action

Pelvic lift

Starting position: Lie on your back on a flat surface. Your feet are flat and your knees are bent. Keep your legs together Cross your arms over your chest.

pelfic lift start

Action: Tilt your pelvis and push your low back to the floor as in the previous exercise, then slowly lift your buttocks off the floor as far as possible without straining. Maintain this position for 5 seconds. Lower your buttocks to the floor Do not hold breath.

pelvic lift action

Lower Abdominal Exercise

Starting position: Lie on your back on a firm surface. Knees bent and feet flat. Flatten your back to the floor by pulling your abdominal muscles up and in.

lower abdominal exercise start

Action: Bring one knee toward your chest. Straighten the knee Hold for 5 seconds Slowly lower the leg to the starting position. Repeat on opposite leg. Maintain your pelvic tilt and keep your resting leg relaxed at all times. Do not hold your breath.

lower abdominal excercise action

Back Care School

KOSMODISK® Brand Protection

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