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12 steps to a healthy back

Maintain your body weight.
Weight control is an important component in maintaining a healthy back. Increased weight gain especially in the mid-section or stomach, shifts your entire center of gravity forward and puts additional unnecessary strain on your back muscles. The best advice is to eat a well-balanced diet in moderate quantities and exercise regularly to keep your weight in check.

Do your back exercises regularly.

do your back excersise regulary

Most backs benefit from exercise. Strong, flexible muscles are essential to a healthy back. They support the spinal column and determine posture, which is the key to a healthy back. If your muscles are weak or tight, back injuries are more likely and recovery is more difficult. Exercising is the only way to keep your muscles healthy.

Watch out for high risk sports.
High-risk sports include gymnastics, dancing, figure skating, wrestlers, offensive lineman and divers. Most sports are one sided dominant, such as golf, baseball, tennis.

Lift and move properly.

girl liftign

Use your legs – Keep the feet about shoulder width apart make sure to bend your knees so that your legs help to distribute the weight more evenly when lifting. Bend your knees and squat over the item to be lifted. In this position, the back gets added lifting strength and power from the legs and arms. When you lift and carry a heavy object keep the weight as close to your body as possible.

Don’t lift and twist.
Avoid twisting – a surefire way to harm your back is by twisting when lifting an object because it puts too much pressure on the structures of the lower back.

Avoid carrying heavy luggage.
Push instead of pull – pushing is much easier on your back than pulling. Use your arms and legs to start the push. If you must move a heavy item, don’t do it alone; get someone to help you.

Don’t stand or sit for long periods.
Standing – keeping one foot forward, with knees slightly bent, takes pressure off your low back.
Sitting – sitting with your hips slightly higher than your knees reduces low back strain.

Use a good chair or lumbar support.
Office chairs must be stable, adjustable in height, seat back adjustable in both height and tilt and should allow user freedom of movement and a comfortable position. If necessary use a small cushion as your own lumbar support.

Select a proper mattress.

girl sleeping

Mattresses provide support for your body while you sleep. There is not a single type of mattress that works for everyone. Try several in the store before making a purchase. Also simply placing a couple of pillows under your knees cuts the pressure on your spine. Lying on your side with a pillow between the knees also reduces the pressure on your low back.

Quit smoking.
Smoking is harmful for your back. Although smoking is not the root cause of sore back, it is a significant risk factor associated with back pain.

Foster a positive attitude.

foster a positive attitude

Try to keep positive. It’s important not to underestimate the power of human thought. Having back pain does not mean the end of life as you know it.

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Back Care School

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Tips for protecting your back

Back pain is very common. Most of us will get it at some time. By thinking about how you use your back in everyday life, you learn better habits which can help your back pain to settle and may help you avoid it in the future.

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Back care exercises

A regular exercise program helps keep the muscles of your neck, back, and abdomen strong and flexible, giving your back support and decreasing the chances of back pain.

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What causes back pain

Spine is a complex mechanism, therefore even a smaller injury of joints, muscles, ties and nerves can cause pain.

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Chronic back pain

Chronic back pain is the most common problem which doctors have to deal with in developed countries. It is the most common reason for absences from work compared to any other illnesses.

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Understanding your back

The spine is the central supporting system of our body. It's easy to forget that most of the movements that we make in our daily life the back is involved.

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Acute back pain

Sudden acute pain can be really painful and exhausting but it might not be a sign for constant problems. Most common causes for acute back pain are chronic, long lasting troubles, for example bad posture or abdominal muscle weakness. The latter can cause increased pressure and burdening of the spine and back muscles which eventually can lead to back injuries.

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