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About Kosmodisk®

KOSMODISK® is a clinically tested device, designed by experts to relieve or cure pain in the spine and back area. Combined test results show up to 80% improvement in back pain. Working at the very point of pain, Kosmodisk provides gentle, soothing relief as you work, relax or even exercise during your daily life. KOSMODISK® can also be used successfully with many therapeutic methods, both traditional and alternative.

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KOSMODISK® Brand Protection

ATTENTION! With purchase of the original KOSMODISK® product you get 100% guarantee on quality and safety of the product. To ensure you get a true KOSMODISK® product, shop only from one of our authorized distributors and retailers, or through our website Be aware that the warranty is not valid if the product turns out to be counterfeit. If you think you've seen counterfeit or fake KOSMODISK® products, please contact us on

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When do you need KOSMODISK®?

Oh, my aching back! What should I do?

It can happen to anyone. As painful as it can be, the exact source of back pain is often difficult to identify. Through everyday activities – exercise, lifting, playing a sport, etc. you can damage muscles, soft connective tissues, ligaments, joints, discs, nerves close to the spine area. They might be pulled, strained, stretched or sprained.

Fortunatelly there is a solution – KOSMODISK CLASSIC.

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How can KOSMODISK® help?

Heats, soothes and relaxes tired muscles, comforts aches and pains

For 18 years the KOSMODISK® has helped to improve the quality of life for over 2,000,000 back pain sufferers worldwide.

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