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About Kosmodisk

KOSMODISK® is a clinically tested device, designed by experts to relieve or remedy pain in the spine and back area. Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain. Working at the very point of pain, Kosmodisk provides gentle, soothing relief as you work, relax or even exercise during daily life. KOSMODISK® can also be successfully combined with many therapeutic methods, both traditional and alternative.

Kosmodisk ribsThe unique shape of the Kosmodisk hypoallergenic nylon vertebrae node was designed to work along with your own. The configuration of the nodes supports the length of your spine with gentle pressure, just as the fingers of an osteopath or a physiotherapist.

The massaging effect of Kosmodisk stimulates the muscles close to the spine area. That in turn generates warmth which eases blood-circulation which soothes your muscles and reduces tension.


The Kosmodisk does not use any additional energy sources such as magnets or batteries. It works as long as its shape remains undamaged.

JANI LAH, musician and young father

“When I’m wearing the Kosmodisk, it becomes a part of my body, just like a ring or a watch. I can’t imagine walking my child without wearing the Kosmodisk.”

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