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Spine Massager

Effective solution for all back pain sufferers. Designed for a universal fit, it’s fully adjustable and comfortable to wear. One investment for life!

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KOSMODISK® products provide safe, effective and simple back pain solutions. Products with the unique KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs are clinically tested devices, designed by experts to relieve or remedy pain in the spine and back area.

Combined test results show up to 80% improvements in back pain.

The KOSMODISK CLASSIC package contains:

  • Spine Massager for the entire torso
  • Lower Back Massager for the lower back
  • Cotton carry bag
  • Kosmodisk Exercise Program – created to relieve and prevent back pain

Working at the very point of pain, the KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs provides gentle, soothing relief as you work, relax or even exercise during daily life.
It stimulates the muscles close to the spine area which generates warmth, soothes your muscles and reduces tension. The KosmodiskSystem™ of ribs works due to its shape, and does not use any additional energy sources, such as magnets or batteries. KOSMODISK® products can also be successfully combined with many therapeutic methods, both traditional and alternative.

It is very practical, easily adjustable to the individual’s torso because of the unique adjustable system, and it’s comfortable to wear. When wearing KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager you will be able to enjoy the benefits of relaxation while working, shopping, driving, exercising, resting, traveling, sleeping…
We especially recommend it to people who are more at risk to back injuries or back pain; pregnant women, professional drivers, sedentary workers, labourers…

  • Temporary or complete back pain relief when used
  • Entirely natural - no drugs or chemicals
  • Easy to wear at work, play or relaxing
  • Comfortable and fully adjustable
  • One investment for life
  • No risk / 30 days Money-back guarantee

The KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager should be used whenever pain strikes. We recommend using it for 10-20 days – during which time the Kosmodisk should be worn for at least three hours per day.

KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager can be worn either over or under light weight clothing. However you will experience the best effects when wearing Kosmodisk directly against the skin. The ribbed part of KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager should always be turned towards the body.

After using it for a longer period you can wash it with warm water, a biodegradable soap which does not irritate the skin and a brush. Do not attempt to wash your KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager in your washing machine.

KOSMODISK CLASSIC Spine Massager will work as long as its shape remains undamaged. Before using it, inspect the product for any damage.

JANI LAH, musician and young father

“When I’m wearing the Kosmodisk, it becomes a part of my body, just like a ring or a watch. I can’t imagine walking my child without wearing the Kosmodisk.”

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